Thursday, November 24, 2016


Over the last week I have had several experiences where I have been reminded of several things. 1) A loving HEAVENLY Father is always there. He knows what we need, how we need it, and how often we need to receive it. 2) I am eternally thankful for a loving brother JESUS CHRIST, who died for me that I might live. That I can make and live by my choices. That I know that there is ALWAYS SOMEONE ON MY SIDE. 3) That the HOLY GHOST is real and works daily in our lives. We may not always know it is near, or have a complete understanding but its real.

My favorite bugs are butterflies. They whisper to my soul, and bring me an overwhelming feeling of peace. They are beautiful to look at, and remind me of the greatness of God and all that he created. They remind me of God's greatest gift: CHILDREN. They are each unique and special in there own way. They fly into our lives sometimes for a brief moment, and others for a lifetime. They need our constant care and nurturing. They need guidance, love, and direction. It is amazing to sit and watch them as they explore the world around us. They try to fly in the rain, but are unsuccessful just like when children make choices that may not be the best or safest. But then the sun comes out, and their wings flutter and they take off. They fly around exploring the world they have been given. They soar thru the air with the greatest of ease.

This picture is amazing. There are so many times that I just need a hug, or reassurance that I am doing the best for myself, and my family. Someone to reassure me I am not the only person struggling. That there will come a season of peace, and calm. So while I am in the stormy season of my life I can stay strong and look beyond and know that eventually the sun will come out. That you will feel the warmth of its hot rays.

As I started this blog post I mentioned that I had had several experiences this past week especially that  I know are meant to happen, and remind me just how awesome I have it. On Sunday I had an appointment and I had 2 really sick twinkies. High fevers, and colds that were making them super grumpy and hard to get along with. I was struggling on whether to reschedule or just go. Abigail assured me she could watch them, and I repeatedly asked her are you sure. She said yes, so I went to the meeting and it was definitely the place I needed to be. I needed to hear the message, to be reassured, and to feel comfort. While I was gone Abigail said that the twinkies were super calm, and sat down nicely watching Finding Dory. No complaints, no grumps, just calm.

On Monday evening I was out running errands. I came to a 4 way stop, and there was only one vehicle to the right of me. They had stopped first so I let them go. As I went to step on the gas to take my turn, my shoe slipped off the gas pedal. Within that short amount of time, a bigger truck had come plowing thru the stop sign not slowing down or stopping. They were speeding, and had I not had my shoe slip off of the gas pedal, I would have been struck hard and possible died because of the speed.

Then yesterday Wednesday I took my kids and the 2 boys I was watching to the All Access Park. A lady knocked on my window as we were leaving and said my tire looked a little low, and that I should go get air. As I was pulling out of the parking lot the tire light came on telling me it was low so I quickly drove over to Harmons. When I got there I went to put air in the tire, just to find out that there was a rather large screw in the tire. I was overwhelmed with the situation. Luckily a nice man and his little baby boy stopped and asked me if I needed help. He and his friend helped change my tire to the spare, and wouldn't take anything in return. They were sent there to give me the peace and comfort and help that I needed.

Heavenly Father is aware of our needs. He loves each and every one of us. Sometimes we face sickness, sometimes death of a loved one, sometimes divorce, and sometimes complete failure. But he never stops loving us. He never gives up on us. He holds us, he carries us, and he sends people to help us. With my Momma being away on her mission in Hawaii this holiday season is hard on us. Hard to know that the person you need is so far away. She is on the Lord's errand doing his work. I am grateful for that, and I know that this is the right time and season for her to be serving a mission. But I cannot help but be a little jealous of the people in Hawaii who are experiencing the love, laughter, comfort, and grace of my MOMMA!!! We LOVE and MISS her very much. Especially my little Abigail. She has certainly showed me just how much Momma Sue means to her. Its not the presents and fun she gives her, but the love comfort companionship guidance and care she gives her.

As a favor to me, I ask that you look beyond yourself from today THANKSGIVING thru the END OF THE YEAR. Go out and do acts of kindness and love to those around you. Both to neighbors and friends, but also to those who are strangers, For when we look beyond ourselves and act in God's grace we can feel better about ourselves and our situations; but also bless someone else who may need to see and feel that kindness. It doesn't have to be big or expensive. A note, a treat, a gift, raking leaves, shoveling snow, giving gifts, sending love, no matter what you choose please just do it with a prayer and with all of your heart. SPREADING KINDNESS and LOVE is the only way to make this WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!!!!

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