Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nothing Better Then Water, Lights, and Music

One of my most favorite times of year is Christmas. I love the lights, sights, sounds, smells, and love for the whole holiday. As I took my kids to the mall this week I was amazed at the new fountain they have there. They have added in a fountain that plays music and choreographs lights and water with it. Being able to sit there on the new chairs, feeling the crisp fall air, and hearing Disney magical music, and watching lights and water was amazing for us. We sat there for over an hour. The moments felt so calm, and the kids really enjoyed it. Abby said look mom you can now see lights, hear music, and enjoy water all year round. Abby has asked me on several occasion why I love it so much. I told her being able to sit, relax, and find the beauty in every thing around us is the best way for us to live. So she pointed out a few things. 1) Mom the music is calming and happy. It lifts everyone up, instead of the music we here so often now. 2) The water is calming. Nothing is better than the babbling sound of water. It is peaceful and calm. It makes us stop so that we won't miss anything. 3) The lights. Mom the lights make me grateful for what we have. The colors are bright and warm and fun. I think so far over the last month, I have finally been able to teach my children that in every crazy day we have on earth, we must stop and enjoy and find a quiet calmer time. 

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Orem's All Together Playground

Orem has built an amazing playground. It is called the All Together Playground. This is a place that all children can safely play together. Built for wheelchairs, children with any medical problem, built for average kids, and for the safety of everyone. It has been really crowded since it opened, but we have discovered the earlier you get there the better the time you will have.

Look at the glorious sunshine rising, and see the laughter and smiles on their faces. The greatest moment this time was seeing the 5 of us all joined together. Life gives us many roads to travel, challenges to face, anger etc, but it is how we respond and overcome it that makes us best.

Jaxon and Elly

Sisters forever and ever. A true friend.

I have taken the kids to this park on 4 different occasions so far, but by a long shot this was my most favorite time. We all arrived before 8:30am on a Saturday morning. We were the only ones there at first. These amazing kids were so excited to have the play ground to themselves. They ran from one side to the other. As I was sitting on a bench reflecting on life, as I more then often find myself doing now; I thought of all the special magical moments that we have shared over the last 11 1/2 years as a family. I thought of all the amazing quiet moments, I thought of the hard moments, and I thought of some of the greatest moments. I saw the sun rising over these 4 amazing kids that I have been blessed with. I saw smiles for the first time in a little while. I saw 4 children actually acting like children. I want so much to hold on to these moments. Getting to spend time with each of them, and also as a whole family has helped me realize I am doing my best. And for now hopefully it is good enough. It is my job to share these gentle kind quiet moments. It is my job to provide a peaceful time, that children get to be children. Where all the trials and troubles they may be facing disappear for at least an hour or so. Reminding my amazing Abby that she is still only a child. Stop and sit. Smell the scent of fall. Play in the leaves. Take pictures. Carve pumpkins together. Make special artwork. Plan your future. Relax for a moment. Enjoy the crispness in the air. 

Falling in the moment


Here we are at fall break in Utah. It means the colors and smells of fall are in full force. Right around the corner will come snow, and bitter cold temps for Utah. So for now let's live in the moment.
Taking a walk just about anywhere in Utah right now you will run into these amazing colorful trees. The beautiful oranges, reds, yellows, and sometimes greens. The ground covered in crisp leaves. Hearing the laughter of children while jumping in piles of leaves. Seeing all the pumpkin patches and activity places associated with fall open and families creating amazing moments together. Seeing pumpkins everywhere. There is never a better outside smell then fall. The rain that comes. My quiet moment came during the afternoon. My children were ready for an adventure so we headed over to the city park. They were able to run around, jump in the leaves, laugh, throw leaves, step on the leaves and hear them crunch below their little feet. Its a time that we can use to carry us through some of the harder times. We did leaf rubbing, and pictures with fall items. From acorns, to pine cones, to leaves, and to stems. Saving the last bit of summer before the snow falls. Remember now is our time to pause and find that magical moment. It doesn't have to be a big thing, since some of the greatest moments come in the smallest ways.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

End of the Week

After experiencing a long week of running around, appointments, substitute teaching, and meetings I was sitting talking with my Abby as we watched the sunset. Abby calls this cotton candy sky. Can you see the fluffy clouds, and the beauty God gives us at the end of each day? Can you see that when we need just a little reassurance, or a reminder that he is near, that the angels surround us, and that he loves us? Can you feel the peace, and the warmth left behind from the sun? Often times just when I feel like I just need a break the weekend comes, or something I see gives me that calming peaceful feeling. I love so much when the weekend comes. It is a time to renew ourselves, to spend time with our kids, and to rest (even if it is only for a minute.) It is definitely hard being a single parent, but I am learning just how important that I am. I need to be able to do everything. I need to still be the mom, but also the dad. I still need to be the nurse, the teacher, the doctor, the friend, the counselor, the chef, the housekeeper, the listener, the chauffeur, the accountant, and more. It is tiring, but I would never give it up. My 4 kids are my life, and I want to be able to give them everything I possibly can. Let them run and play, laugh and cry, study and read, breathe and enjoy life. Remember you are the best that you can be.  Believe in yourself, and know that God loves you no matter what your experience is. Whether you are struggling or all is at peace, he is there and he knows you. Your struggles, your fears, your questions, your doubts. BELIEVE, LIVE, LOVE, PRAY, SHOW GRATITUDE, AND BELIEVE IN ALL THINGS.