Monday, December 26, 2016


As Christmas has come to an end, we need to prepare ourselves for the NEW YEAR. Our tree has come down, the stockings put away, the house cleaned and organized, and now the goals and dreams for the NEW YEAR 2017 begins. I want you to take a second and see the glow in these pictures of my amazing Christmas blessings. It is as if ANGELS surround them and glisten and glow as they sat by the Christmas tree. We must take this light and love into the New Year. We have begun to decorate for our next major holiday in our house which is VALENTINE's DAY. For in our house Valentine's Day is so much more than a holiday. It starts our New Year out right. We start with acts of kindness and love, we spread joy and good feelings to all those around us. Sometimes people think that Christmas is the only time of the year to serve others. It is a wonderful time of year to serve because we are constantly reminded of the LOVE of a SAVIOR, A brother who came to the earth, was born, taught many, and was killed on the cross for us. He died so that we could be given life. He felt and bore the pain for all of us. But I have tried to teach my children that the world is struggling, The only way to fix something is to change it. So my challenge to my children is from today thru Valentine's Day we intend to do little acts of love. We want people to remember what it feels like to feel and know love. We want them to find the little quiet moments. We want them to be grateful in heart, mind, and soul. We want them to know what it feels like to see someone smile who hasn't felt joy and love for so long. Whether it is shoveling snow for someone, dropping off a love note, making a treat, drawing a picture, listening for a while instead of always talking, cleaning a siblings room without being asked, changing the laundry, calling someone you miss, giving hugs and kisses without prompts, etc. It never has to be HUGE and COSTLY, it only NEEDS TO COME FROM THE HEART. Please consider joining us on our mission of love. Consider changing the world one kiss or act of love at a time. Consider looking beyond yourself and seeking experiences that can only make you better and heal your own heart. Remember that in those little moments of love, you are rediscovering yourself, reinventing the future, and changing the WORLD a step at a time. This is our Challenge to you from now thru Valentine's Day. We don't make resolutions we just make goals and dreams.  BECAUSE YOU CANNOT FAIL WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!!!!!!

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