Monday, September 26, 2016

It is finally FALL/AUTUMN here in Utah. The temperatures are dropping, the rain is arriving, the leaves are turning colors, and football season is here. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It is a time of year for so many inspiring things. General Conference for the LDS church comes in October. A time for all of us to renew and find ourselves. A time to be inspired by leaders in a time where we often feel like the world is falling apart. We seek guidance and inspiration. We seek strength and answers to prayers, This fall is different for me. I am about to make a very life alternating decision, and I have felt troubled and alone in the decision. I have sought help and guidance, and feel like things still aren't crystal clear. But sometimes we have to make decisions, praying that we are making the right one. Also fall is a time of year, that we begin to prepare for next year. Our leaves fall off. So in this time of year, we should allow the hard things to FALL OFF. Let them go, because holding on to hurt and pain isn't helping us at all. Let us shed off that which is holding us back. May we strengthen our roots, and prepare for the winter.

Football is another great thing about Fall. My kids don't really know the game, but they love to watch football on tv. They love the excitement and the way teams work together. Because as we all know you cannot play a game with just a quarterback, or just 1 defender, We need to join together, share the same focus, work together, and achieve the GOAL!!!!

Another favorite thing about FALL in our house are pumpkins. We aren't real big on scary things, or dark Halloween things. But definitely we love pumpkins, jumping in leaves, drinking warm apple cider, eating lots of apples, picking apples in the few remaining apple orchards here in Utah. Teaching the children about hard work and enjoying the harvest. When we work really really hard, pick all the weeds, water the gardens then in the FALL we reap the reward from the harvest. I find it a relaxing time of year also. I am a fan of warm blankies, sweatshirts, and fuzzy socks.  Take a moment this week to sit and enjoy the fall. Take your children on a nature walk. Collect the leaves and make tracings, and pictures. Warm some apple cider up in your house with a stick of cinnamon in it. The smell is relaxing for your house. Also find  a movie to cuddle up under a blanket with those you love.  Enjoy this time of year, bring renewal to your life, and remember all you have been given.

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