Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 11th

Healing Field in Sandy September 11, 2016

I took the kids to Sandy where they had the healing field. This represented all of the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001. One of 2 days that have changed the history of the United States. The first being the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and this day in New York city when terrorists attacked our awesome country,

On this day 15 years ago, I was a manager at Wendy's restaurant in Utah. We were listening to the radio as we prepared food for the store to open. The announcement came across the radio that America was under attack. I immediately called home, because my Dad was traveling this day and was suppose to be flying out of NY. I was worried that he could be on one of those flights. My mom reassured me that my Dad had missed his flight and had had to call her and told her. I had several friends that day that were not so lucky. I had a friend who worked with the military and was at the Pentagon that day. They did not die, but faced severe burns and months and months of therapy.

After 15 years, this day still brings up pain and anger. But somehow being able to stand there in the middle of the field, watching the flags flap in the wind brought a bit of peace. We cannot change what happened as it is written in the history of our country. We can however remain strong, believe in America, serve and sacrifice to help all those around us. Be grateful for those who do so much so that we can worship how we want. That we are not prisoners here in America.

These families have been changed forever, We must stand as Americans and unite together. Find peace with each other. Remember all those who we lost that day, and also all those whose lives have been lost fighting in war. May God grant each of us forgiveness, peace, comfort, and the knowledge that there is a better place.

As Americans may we stand together. Not fight over stupid crap. Remember what is important and love beyond measure.

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