Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nothing Better Then Water, Lights, and Music

One of my most favorite times of year is Christmas. I love the lights, sights, sounds, smells, and love for the whole holiday. As I took my kids to the mall this week I was amazed at the new fountain they have there. They have added in a fountain that plays music and choreographs lights and water with it. Being able to sit there on the new chairs, feeling the crisp fall air, and hearing Disney magical music, and watching lights and water was amazing for us. We sat there for over an hour. The moments felt so calm, and the kids really enjoyed it. Abby said look mom you can now see lights, hear music, and enjoy water all year round. Abby has asked me on several occasion why I love it so much. I told her being able to sit, relax, and find the beauty in every thing around us is the best way for us to live. So she pointed out a few things. 1) Mom the music is calming and happy. It lifts everyone up, instead of the music we here so often now. 2) The water is calming. Nothing is better than the babbling sound of water. It is peaceful and calm. It makes us stop so that we won't miss anything. 3) The lights. Mom the lights make me grateful for what we have. The colors are bright and warm and fun. I think so far over the last month, I have finally been able to teach my children that in every crazy day we have on earth, we must stop and enjoy and find a quiet calmer time. 

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